Chiropractic Care for Nervous System Subluxation

The nervous system is the most vital system in the entire human body. It controls bodily functions, including the movement of muscles. Although the system is vital to movement, it is also impacted by the development of subluxations. The chiropractic adjustments performed by Dr. Brian Dower improve the nervous system functioning after subluxations occurs.

The nervous system coordinates the body's natural method of moving, thinking and sending messages. The center of the nervous system is the brain, where directions are developed and orders are executed.

The spinal cord connects to nerves throughout the entire body and relays messages to the appropriate destination. For example, the message to move a finger is relayed from the spinal cord to the hand. As an analogy, the nervous system is like the electrical system that controls the operation of your car.

Fighting the Challenges of Subluxation

In chiropractic care, subluxations are the partial dislocation or dysfunctional sectioning of the spinal cord. Since the spinal cord is directly related to the signals from the brain to the body, the dysfunctional sectioning means that the signals are not correctly sent to the body.

When the nervous system is not able to communicate with the body's extremities, it can cause a large number of symptoms to occur. The symptoms vary based on the location of the location of the subluxation, but often include tenderness, numbness or tingling, difficulty moving specific areas of the body or changes to the muscle tone.

Our practice is able to help improve nervous system function by providing the appropriate spinal adjustments and care to solve the underlying cause of physical discomfort. By working on spinal cord adjustments and fixing the irritations to the joints and discs of the spine, the problem will reduce over time.

Dr. Dower can evaluate the symptoms and estimate the location of a subluxation in the spinal cord. After discovering the exact location, it is then possible to create a chiropractic treatment plan that will adjust the spinal cord and realign the vertebrate for better range of motion, less pain and an absence of the nervous system symptoms.

Misaligned vertebrae irritate nerves in the back and can result in a wide range of health concerns. When the problem is allowed to fester, it can cause numbness, partial paralysis and a wide range of other nervous system diseases.

Although some spinal cord subluxations will naturally realign without help from an outside source, overcoming the diseases that are caused by poor spinal cord alignment will often require professional chiropractic care. We offer services that focus on the cause of the disease: fixing the irritated nerves so that the messages from the nervous system are sent to the body properly. Chiropractic adjustments essentially remove the "traffic jams" in the nervous system so that information can flow smoothly and without impediment.

A subluxation is a problem that any individual can face. Our practice will provide the tools and professional care that is necessary to find and correct these subluxations, thereby improving the alignment of the spinal cord and improving the functioning of your nervous system.

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