Dr. Brian Dower Answers Lower Back Pain FAQ’s

If you suffer from Lower back pain and live in Toronto, chances are that you are considering the services of a professional chiropractor. If you are booking that appointment for the first time, this article is dedicated to answering some of the most frequently asked lower back pain questions that will give you a few suggestions to add to your list:

Lower Back Pain FAQ’s

What is Lower Back Pain?

It is a pain in the lower back that is caused by irregularities with any of the joints, nerves, and muscles that make up the back. Its intensity varies, but it usually goes away on its own after six weeks. If pain persists after this duration, the best thing to do is to seek the professional services of a chiropractor.

What are Some of the Factors That Contribute to Lower Back Pain?

Factors such as pregnancy, smoking, type of work, age, weight and overall fitness all contribute to lower back pain in one way or another.

Are There Any Conditions or Severe Symptoms That I should be Aware of?

Back pain may indicate that some damage has been done to the spine, temporary or permanent. This will manifest itself through pain and discomfort that may deteriorate if a patient does not seek medical attention. There are quite a number of conditions, but all of which can be controlled if not treated, depending on the intensity of the damage. A few examples include spinal stenosis, bulging disc, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, kyphosis, among others.

What are The Various Methods of Pain Relief That My Chiropractor in Toronto Might Employ?

His main aim is to correct irregularities in the alignment of the spine that hamper the smooth transmission of messages between the brain and various organs. He might recommend methods such as electrical stimulation, phoresis, heat treatment, cold laser treatment for inflammation, acupuncture, among others.

Can a Chiropractor in Toronto Manage My Lower Back Pain?

Yes, actually. A chiropractor is the best suited for this task because the spine is his area of specialization.

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