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According to the CDC, 3.1% of employed adults aged 18–64 years experienced carpal tunnel syndrome in the course of a year, with more women than men having symptoms of the condition. The numbers are on the rise, and an increasing number of people needing surgery to help relieve them of the pain and increase their hand mobility. At our chiropractic office in Toronto, we offer relief and healing for your wrist pain that helps negate the need for surgery in many cases. Come in to the offices of Dr. Brian Dower to find out more about how to find relief from your wrist pain. We offer our patients quality chiropractic care in Downtown Toronto and the surrounding areas.  Do not allow your wrist pain to slow down your day when we can help. 

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What are some common causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or chronic wrist pain? Work ergonomics is a key factor in causing the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. If your job requires repetitive motion using your hands, it is very important to learn proper form to prevent injury. Certain conditions can cause or make carpal tunnel worse as well, including diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, fluid retention, high blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, and trauma to the wrists, according to Health Line.
  • How can a chiropractor help? We can help identify the cause of the pressure on your median nerve, and then use non-invasive measures to ease that pressure and relieve your pain. After identifying the source, you will receive gentle chiropractic manipulation to ease your pain and facilitate healing. We can also treat you with Kinesio Taping and acupuncture as you continue to heal so you do not experience the same injury again. 
  • How can I prevent my condition from returning? Proper workplace ergonomics are key to preventing your pain from returning. We can also help you with exercises and identifying the exact cause of your wrist pain so it does not return. 

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Call the chiropractic office of Dr. Brian Dower for your consultation to find relief for your carpal tunnel syndrome. We can help you discover exactly what is causing the condition, effectively treat your pain, and teach you new methods to reduce the risk of repeated median nerve damage. We serve patients in and around Toronto, Ontario with quality chiropractic care from your head to your toes. Contact us today at 416-920-7275 for your next chiropractic appointment. 

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