Computer-Assisted Chiropractic Adjustment in Downtown Toronto

Computer Assisted Chiropractic Adjustment with Dr. Brian Dower

Dr. Dower and his associates are excited to offer Computer-Assisted Chiropractic adjustments to boost your Chiropractic care. The Sigma Instrument we use has the ability to detect various subluxations and spinal abnormalities, and although we also use hands-on evaluation to determine the position of your spine during the examination, the Sigma Instrument can be thought of as an extension of the chiropractor’s hands, allowing Dr. Dower’s team to thoroughly and precisely evaluate your spine.

How a Computer-Assisted Adjustment Works

The hand-held instrument scans your spine and measures various factors that tell our chiropractors how your spine is functioning and how your muscles are reacting. The results are displayed real-time on the computer screen where you and Dr. Dower can see which areas require immediate treatment. If we find an area that needs an adjustment, we place the instrument on the spine to perform the adjustment. You will feel a slight percussive sensation as the Computer-Assisted instrument adjusts your spine. Dr. Dower’s team can use a hands-on, gentle manual adjusting technique when necessary, but the Computer-Assisted adjusting does not produce the typical cracking and popping sounds associated with traditional chiropractic adjustments.

What Does A Computer-Assisted Adjustment Feel Like?

You sit comfortably in a customized chair with your head supported in a natural position. This is different than lying face down on a table, so if you are pregnant or overweight, or experience pain when lying face down, the upright position will be very comfortable for you.

Although our hands-on technique is effective in finding vertebrae that need adjustments, the Sigma Instrument is exceptionally effective and accurate in its assessment. As we gently move the instrument down your spine, the computer displays areas of concern, or areas that are out of alignment, on the monitor. Then, we switch the Sigma instrument from an “assessment” mode into an “adjusting” mode and apply it to the spine as a gentle percussive force adjusts the vertebrae in question. Once our chiropractic team adjusts your spine, they perform an evaluation again, allowing you to  immediately see on-screen where the corrections have been made and if we need to perform further adjustments.

The percussive forces that come from the Sigma Instrument are precisely controlled by our team, and will provide the exact amount of pressure needed to adjust the vertebrae. You are not over, or under, adjusted. We are able to position your spine into a healthy alignment, which can lead to reduced pain, improved healing and increased energy levels. Our team is delighted to share this technique with you.

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If you have been hesitant to try chiropractic care, you’ll likely be very pleased with the effects of gentle Computer-Assisted adjustments. Call us today at (416) 920-7275 to learn more about our highly effective Computer-Assisted adjusting technique. 

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