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With back pain, neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome increasingly common workplace injuries, having a corporate wellness strategy in place is essential to protecting your employees’ long-term health and well being. Our Downtown Toronto chiropractor Dr. Brian Dower has years of experience helping local businesses make simple ergonomic changes that make a big impact on the workplace. A workplace wellness plan from Dr. Dower is a smart investment in employee health that can decrease sick days, improve performance and boost office morale.

Simple Ergonomic Changes Can Lead to Big Productivity Improvements

In today’s high-stress business world, employees log long hours behind the computer screen. Unfortunately, doing so increases the risk for injury and illness, hurting employee productivity and contributing to a negative workplace environment. Simple ergonomic changes in the workplace can help reduce the risk for back pain, neck pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Dower starts by evaluating the workplace environment and identifying problem areas. For example, adjusting chair height or re-orienting a desk can reduce lower back strain, neck strain and wrist strain. Depending on your business’s needs, Dr. Dower may recommend a full workplace health assessment to identify and correct ergonomic problems.

Dr. Dower also works closely with employees to make postural adjustments that reduce the risk for chronic pain. For example, when we sit in a chair all day and strain our heads forward to see a computer screen, we are compressing the cervical spine. This is a primary cause for neck pain and shoulder pain. Adjusting the height of an office chair can help reduce this strain, as can moving the computer screen closer. Take five minutes during the day to do simple neck and back stretches will help articulate the spine and reduce compression. This improves posture and reduces neck and back pain.

As part of our commitment to workplace wellness, our Downtown Toronto chiropractor also provides health risk biometric screenings. To minimize the disruption to your employees’ day, Dr. Dower offers onsite assessments so everyone can be screened as conveniently and privately as possible. After the health risk assessment is complete, Dr. Dower will work with individual employees to create a custom plan that gets them back in control of their health.

Dr. Dower can also help you kickoff a workplace wide initiative, like a “get active” campaign or a healthy eating campaign. These workplace wide initiatives support employees incorporating more physical activity and healthier eating choices into their daily lives. Employees who are active and eat a balanced diet are less likely to develop chronic problems like diabetes, obesity and heart disease. That’s good for your employees’ health and for workplace productivity, since healthier employees mean fewer sick days.

Corporate wellness care is a smart investment in employee health and workplace performance. No one wants to miss work because they are suffering from pain. Basic ergonomic changes to the workplace will reduce the risk for chronic pain and injury for a healthier, more productive workplace. Contact our Downtown Toronto chiropractor to learn more today!

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