Disc Disorders And Treatment At Dr. Brian Dower

Disc disorders can often be hard to diagnose. That is where a chiropractor can help. Are you living in the Toronto area? Do you suffer from upper or lower back pain?  Let Dr. Dower work to help you.

Disc Disorders And Treatment

Our Spine Discs

Down our spine, there are intervertebral discs that rest between the vertebrae of our spinal column. They act as little cushioning pillows and are filled with a jelly-like substance with a fancy name: nucleus pulposos. Ligaments and tendons are attached to them to hold them in place.  Often due to wear and tear, these discs can start to degenerate, leading to what we call disc disorders. Old injuries from sports, work, or accidents can also be factors at the start of these disorders too.

Types of Disc Disorders

There are several types of disc disorders.

    • Herniated/ Ruptured Disc Disorder - This is where the disc has been torn, causing the inside gel substance to leak out.
    • Degenerative Disc Disease This is where the disc just starts to wear out, eventually becoming thin, shrunken and non-flexible. This condition is mostly brought on by the natural flow of aging.
    • Bulging Disc — A bulging disc is just that: it is where the disc starts to bulge outwards, with the danger of rupturing.

Symptoms/ Signs

The most common signs and symptoms of a disc disorder are a pain in your upper neck or lower back. Sometimes it can be both. The pain is often described as a sharp pain, not a dull pain. Some more signs and symptoms are:

    • Leg pain that starts at the lower back and down over your bottom into the back of your legs.
    • Leg weakness when walking.
    • Numbness or tingling in upper or lower extremities.
    • Pain when bending or sitting.


Here at Dr. Dower's offices, our initial exams are deeply detailed, with additional orthopedic and neurological testing if required to help pinpoint exactly what is affecting you. Once a diagnosis has been found, a customized care plan will be developed up for you. It will all depend on the type of disc disorder. Most of our treatments will use gentle and specific spinal manipulation in some form or other. We often suggest seated Computer-Assisted Adjustments for our disc patients, due to its gentle and effective approach for those who may have difficulties getting on/off our manual adjusting tables. This non-evasive approach can work on the spine directly to help increase mobility and reduce pain and pressure in the spine. Exercise, physical therapy may also be incorporated to bring those bulging, herniated discs to non- existence.

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