Extremity Chiropractic Care

Extremity Chiropractic Care for Ankle Pain, Knee Pain, Wrist Pain, and Elbow Pain

Many people think of what a chiropractor does as manipulating the spine. But the fact is, extremity chiropractic care is an important part of just about every approach to holistic care. Chiropractors do most of their work with the spine, but your Toronto chiropractor Dr. Brian Dower, treats ankle pain, knee pain, wrist pain, and elbow pain with this different approach, extremity chiropractic care.

What is extremity chiropractic care?

Most people think of a visit to the chiropractor as a session on the table, where the chiropractor will take care of back pain and maybe whiplash after an auto accident or a sports injury. Usually, people don't think of chiropractors of taking care of joint pain, or treating elbow pain, wrist pain, knee pain, and ankle pain. These are problems of the parts of the body that chiropractic language describes as the "extremities." But people need pain relief and rehabilitation for these parts of their body, too.

The joints in your arms and legs can become fixated, misaligned, or develop other chronic issues just like the joints in your spine. The way you compensate for pain and stiffness in your elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles can cause problems with your spine. Stiffness and pain in your back and neck may originate with some injury or misalignment with a joint in your arms or legs, hands or feet. Your Toronto chiropractor knows that you have to treat the causes of chronic pain problems, not just their symptoms. That's why you may come in for a spinal adjustment and your chiropractor will spend time on your arms and legs. Extremities care doesn't just take care of one pain problem in one joint in your elbow, wrist, knee, or ankle. It may be essential to restoring your whole body to normal pain-free function.

Dr. Dower's philosophy of extremity chiropractic care and other chiropractic modalities

Dr. Dower provides gentle, hands-on techniques for relieving pain, back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, keen pain, ankle pain, or pain anywhere or all over the body. Dr. Dower has seen the long-term changes for the better that chiropractic has brought to many of his patients, and he would welcome the opportunity to bring that same healing to you.

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