Frequently Asked Questions About Leg Pain Treatment From Dr. Brian Dower

When you're experiencing leg pain, you may feel as if one-quarter of your body has simply mutinied against you. Whether it's an annoying ache or debilitating agony, you're no doubt looking for solutions to your dilemma. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about leg pain and its treatment from Dr. Brian Dower and his team in downtown Toronto.

Chiropractor treating patient for leg painWhat Are Some Common Causes of Leg Pain?

Leg pain may be caused by an extremely wide range of health problems. Causes may include acute damage, joint misalignment or wear, nerve impingement and irritation due to spinal problems, or chronic strain on muscles or tendons.

What Kinds of Leg Injuries Can Cause Pain?

An acute muscle pull or strained tendon can cause sharp, instant, disabling pain. Pain from runner's knee, a torn ACL ligament (also in the knee), or a damaged hip joint may radiate to the leg. Blood clots related to an injury may also cause pain.

I Didn't Injure My Leg. Why Am I Having Leg Pain?

The pain you're feeling in your leg may not originate there. An irritated nerve may refer pain down the leg from higher up, making you think that something is wrong with the leg itself. We see a lot of this in our practice.

What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica is irritation and dysfunction of the sciatic nerve (or the nerve roots that anchor the sciatic nerve to the lower spine). Since this nerve tissue conducts all the signals that go to the leg, compression that causes the nerve tissue to misfire can cause pain, numbness, weakness, or numbness in the affected extremity.

What Chronic Conditions Can Cause Leg Pain?

Osteoarthritis in the hip or knee may contribute to leg pain. Degenerative disc disease can encourage the compression that leads to sciatica. Faulty posture, unequal arch support, or uncorrected spinal misalignment can cause leg pain.

How Does Your Toronto Chiropractor Treat Leg Pain?

Our Toronto chiropractor and his team can make adjustments either manually or with Computer-Assisted software to even out any joint imbalances that affect your posture. This can help take stress off of leg muscles and joints, as well as relieving sciatica symptoms. Acupuncture can also be used in the clinic to ease soft tissue pain and enhance healing in an injured or ailing leg. We may prescribe heat, ice, and rehabilitation exercises to help you reduce your leg pin and repair damage more quickly and completely.

Get All The Facts From Our Downtown Toronto Chiropractor

Leg pain can be a complicated subject, so make sure you have all the facts you need to put the right treatment program in place. Call our Toronto chiropractor at (416) 920-7275 to learn more and schedule an evaluation. We understand leg pain!

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