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If you routinely deal with neck pain, it is likely you are interested in finding a way to stop it from occurring altogether. Those that suffer from pain in their neck have the option of calling Dr. Brian Dower, our Toronto chiropractor, to obtain essential neck pain treatment. Here are some questions people often ask about this condition, which includes information about using chiropractic care as a means of neck pain relief.

Why Does Neck Pain Happen To Some People?

Neck pain can creep up on you over time from poor posture, overusing a cell phone, or using improper ergonomic practices while on the job. It could be the result of sleeping on a large pile of pillows, leading to an awkward stretching of the neck. Neck pain often accompanies other injuries when someone is involved in a car accident or if they have a slip and fall incident happen.

How Can Neck Pain Be Avoided Altogether?

It is important to be aware of your everyday practices to try to keep yourself from conducting activities that could cause neck pain to arise. It is impossible to tell when you will be involved in a car accident; however, keeping your headrest centered behind your head could help minimize the chance of whiplash. Make sure your spine remains in alignment with the rest of your body as you slumber by limiting the number of pillows you use during this time.

Cell phone use should be monitored so you are not stretching your neck as you gaze at the screen. A timer or holder can help you keep on top of the time you spend on this type of device. Take breaks while on the job, especially if you use repetitive motions of your neck to conduct your daily activities.

How Does Chiropractic Care Provide Neck Pain Relief?

Those that use chiropractic care as a means of neck pain treatment find that it works effectively at minimizing discomfort, sometimes after just one session. Our Toronto chiropractor will first evaluate your neck and surrounding muscles to determine the cause for your pain. Spinal adjustments are usually used as a treatment option. These will instantly release some stress placed upon your joints. When this happens, blood circulation is not restricted and healing of affected areas will begin. These adjustments are often conducted in tandem with a light massage of affected muscles or temperature therapy to provide relief to the neck region of the body.

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