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Dr. Brian Dower and the health staff at our Downtown Toronto chiropractic clinic, welcome you to alternative healing. We understand that back pain is often the issue that brings you into our care and we know you will find effective relief for your pain. Once you begin chiropractic care and see the overall health improving benefits, we hope to care for you and your family for many years. Dr. Dower's chiropractic care uses the position of your spine to improve your health and reduce pain. This pain is not limited to your neck and back. Spinal adjustments also relieve conditions such as headaches, fibromyalgia, muscle weakness and numbness. Dr. Dower adjusts your extremities to reduce pain from conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, runner's knee, muscle strains and tennis elbow. The range of conditions that are eased through chiropractic care includes those that affect infants such as colic, teenagers such as scoliosis and senior such as arthritis. As a new patient, we are excited to show you the range of relief chiropractic care brings.

Preparing for Your First Toronto Chiropractic Visit

During your initial visit, Dr. Dower evaluates the position of your spine to determine where and if improvements can be made. Our wellness team may use x-rays for a greater look at spine and joint position to guide your chiropractic care program. Our Toronto chiropractor encourages you to download and complete the new patient health history form. Filling out your health history form at home brings more accuracy to your answers so Dr. Dower can use this information to develop your care. Be as thorough as possible so we are able to plan for and avoid future health concerns. We also encourage you to join our member wellness center to use as a resource toward improving health. This also gives you access to our monthly newsletter full of tips to enhance your wellness.

We suggest you wear comfortable clothing to your first visit so Dr. Dower can easily examine your spine and provide gentle adjustments. Our chiropractic manipulations easily adjust vertebrae and joints into alignment to eliminate pain & pressure on nerves and discs. Chiropractic adjustments often reduce your discomfort after the first visit and with continued care, you are able to find lasting relief. As your new patient care continues, Dr. Dower brings relief to any new conditions that appear as well.

Schedule Your New Patient Appointment Today

Our friendly staff at Dr. Dower Chiropractic welcomes you to our center with open arms. Our goal is to make this an easy transition for you and to effectively answer any questions you have regarding your care. To schedule your appointment with our Toronto chiropractor, please call us today at 647-931-6551.

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