Sciatica Pain Treatment


Experiencing pain in your back impacts your health, lifestyle and personal activities. In some situations, it may stem from sciatica. At the office of Dr. Brian Dower, we provide sciatica pain treatment to assist with recovery and healing.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica refers to a pinched nerve in your lower back. When you have excess pressure on the sciatic nerve or any irritation to the nerve, it causes discomfort and pain. A chiropractor determines that you have sciatica after evaluating the symptoms and identifying factors contributing to your discomfort.

Symptoms of Sciatica

The symptoms of sciatica depend on the severity of the situation. Usually, you will notice minor discomfort that worsens over time. Common symptoms you may experience include:

  • Pain in the lower back
  • Pain that worsens when sitting
  • Pain in your hip
  • Tingling or numbness that radiates down your legs

In some cases, you may develop weakness or difficulty standing. The pain also depends on the severity of the pinched nerves. It may range from mild and occasional pain that worsens when you sit to severe pain that constantly impacts your body. You do not want to wait until the pain worsens before seeking treatment for the condition.

Common Causes of the Condition

Sciatica pain treatment at our clinic depends on the underlying cause of the pain. Since it may stem from a variety of factors, you want to address the cause of the pain to encourage the body to heal and recover. Common factors contributing to the condition include:

  • Sitting for the entire day or working at a desk job
  • Poor posture
  • Degenerative disc conditions
  • A herniated or bulging disc
  • Arthritis or similar conditions
  • Injuries from an accident

The actual cause of the condition depends on your situation. In some cases, you need an adjustment to improve the alignment of your spine. We may also recommend exercises or stretches to improve your posture and prevent further complications. When the pain stems from an accident, we may identify the cause of the irritation to your sciatic nerve and then develop a plan of action to address the condition. In our clinic, we offer a variety of solutions to address the causes of sciatica and encourage your body to heal.

When to Seek Treatment from a Chiropractor in Downtown Toronto

As a general rule, you want to seek treatment from Dr. Brian Dower when you notice the pain or when the discomfort worsens. You also want to seek treatment after an accident to prevent the condition from worsening. Do not wait to seek treatment since the pain may stem from chronic conditions and worsen over time without proper treatment and management.

Improving your health starts with identifying the causes of your pain and the type of discomfort your body experiences. At the office of Dr. Brian Dower, Chiropractor, we offer natural solutions to assist with back pain and address the causes of sciatic nerve pain. To learn more about healing from sciatica or to set up an appointment with a chiropractor, call (416) 920-7275 today.

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