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Engaging in a sports activity provides a healthy way to stay active. The challenge is managing potential injuries that arise from engaging in a sport. Playing a sport increases the risk of facing an injury. At the office of Dr. Brian Dower, Chiropractor, we address the injuries and take measures to prevent future complications.

Common Injuries Related to Sports

Injuries related to sports depend on the specific type of sport you play. Certain risks are obvious, such as tennis elbow caused by the repetitive motion of playing the sport. Other injuries may seem complicated due to the possibility of accidents on the field.

Common injuries that may arise when you play a sport include:

  • Ankle sprains, which usually relates to playing a sport like soccer due to the running and the potential contact with other players
  • Knee pain, which may relate to any sport from running and the impact of running on your knees
  • Shoulder pain, which is common in hockey, tennis and sports that require the use of your shoulders and arms
  • Elbow pain, which occurs from repetitive motions in sports like tennis and golf
  • Concussions, which occur when you have a head injury from a contact sport like hockey

The injuries depend on your sport and the movements required for the sport; however, many occur from accidents on the field of contact with other players. In the case of non-contact sports like golf, it usually relates to repetitive motions. The injuries limit your mobility and may cause severe discomfort that impacts your normal activities.

Who Needs Sports Injury Treatment?

Sports injury treatment benefits any individual who plays a sport. It helps amateur players and professional athletes who may face injuries from the sport or as a direct result of training for a sport.

At the office of Dr. Brian Dower, Chiropractor, we evaluate the underlying factors contributing to your injuries before developing a personalized treatment strategy. Any athlete who plays a sport may benefit from chiropractic care by addressing injuries or taking measures to reduce the risk of injuries from the sport. The specific advantages depend on the activities and the injuries that impact your health.

Advantages of Working with our Downtown Toronto Chiropractor

The advantages of working with Dr. Brian Dower for a sport or an injury related to a sport depend on your situation. Common advantages focus on addressing the underlying causes of your pain and injuries.

Benefits of chiropractic care for athletes and sports injuries include:

  • Greater mobility and range of motion
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved strength
  • Lower rates of pain from sports injuries
  • Support for your body's health
  • Improved performance in a sport

Chiropractic care provides an opportunity to reduce your pain and improve your performance. A professional identifies your specific concerns and then develops a plan to help with your health.

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When you play a sport, you must be aware of potential injuries. After an injury occurs, you want to seek immediate treatment to address the injury and encourage the healing process. To learn more about the treatments we offer to athletes in Toronto or to set up an appointment, call Dr. Brian Dower at (416) 920-7275 today.

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