Why You Should See a Chiropractor in Downtown Toronto?

Chiropractic care provides natural, holistic treatment for the mind, body and soul. Whether you're suffering from chronic pain, an extended illness, or an injury, chiropractic care can help you get back on your feet and feel your best. Dr. Dower strongly believes that everyone can benefit from chiropractic care, not just people who have diagnosable conditions. We strive to educate the people of downtown Toronto about the benefits of chiropractic care, so they can get healthy...and stay healthy.


We Provide the Following All-Natural, Non-Invasive Services

At our Yonge/Bloor chiropractic clinic, we provide a range of services to meet the needs of our patients. All of our services are non-invasive and medication-free, so you can keep performing and functioning your best throughout the healing process. Some of the chiropractic techniques we use include:

  • Spinal adjustment. Our spinal adjustment services help realign the vertebrae of the spine, which can reduce or eliminate subluxations and improve patient comfort levels. Patients who suffer from back pain and chronic conditions often benefit from spinal adjustment.
  • Massage therapy. Our massage therapy services can relax the muscles, reduce patient anxiety and improve blood flow to injured areas of the body. Massage therapy can help patients who suffer from tension headaches, insomnia, back and neck pain, whiplash and more.
  • Stretches and exercises. We teach patients which stretches and exercises are best for improving range of motion and reducing pain. Our stretches and exercises can also help patients recover from recent injuries. Stretches and exercises can be done at home as well as in the chiropractic office. Our patients tend to enjoy stretches and exercises because it allows them to take control of their healing and do it on their own time.
  • Lifestyle advice. Our lifestyle advice teaches patients how to live healthfully and feel better on a day to day basis. We teach patients how to change their behaviours in small ways that make a big difference over time.

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Whether you've recently suffered from a sports injury, have a chronic condition, or are seeking chiropractic care because you simply want to feel better, we can design a treatment plan for you. Contact your downtown Toronto chiropractor at (416) 920-7275 for more information or to make an appointment today.

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